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Benefits of Reading Book Reviews

Are you fond of reading books? Bookworms tend to like books despite of its thick pages for it will enable them to imagine freely. There are readers who headed straight to the story without a prior knowledge about it while some may read the author’s background first or after reading the book to find more of its works. If you prefer knowing more of the author and the books that they have written then reading more on the book reviews might be of a great help and may not be new to you. Writing a book has its own good and potentially bad effects to the readers and author, it can be that everything will come out good or will be critique by people through book reviews. Book reviews can offer positive things to the readers and book lovers out there, it helps them secure the idea of a good book and decide later on whether they will read the contents of the book or even not. In this article, we will be doing some book review for a particular book that was written by a popular author. The author worked on books relating to something spiritual like the book that we are going to talk about. Let’s check it out!

The author wrote a certain book which is a way to talk about belief and religion where the assertion was quite irrational. The book contains more of the he’s beliefs and wrestle match with God through his depictions. The piece do not depict a clear trajectory, instead, it renders a dysteleology of sort. It was based upon his experiences at tough times that caused him to wrestle with God. To get a clearer point of the book, there are four chapters that could probably help you examine the book.

He recorded his annotation when he was in the toughest part of his life on the first chapter above. He questioned not only the God’s presence in here but also the goodness of it. It was purely based on emotional intellect rather than intellectual intellect. Because of his sorrow experience on the few chapter, he come up on a new belief system. The author seemed to portray here that salvation is a choice for death. The point is, he concluded here that God is nothing but a bad God, he’s being is a sadist in the cosmos. The succeeding chapter, exhibits him cleaning his previous statements. He recreated his previous statement of God, explaining that the pain he inflicted to him are necessary to open their eyes on a bigger picture. And then, at the end part of the book, he argues for God’s goodness or perhaps some points that lacks thereof. At the end chapter, the author presents his point of view on the religious experiences, that is defend the goodness of Him.

The book is a fascinating of a man’s account dealing with emotional torture that made him criticize God. This piece has a wonderful story for learning to deal with the religious problems of devil.

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